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20 x 0.5 L 100% Natural Alkaline water from the Faroe Islands

20 x 0.5 L 100% Natural Alkaline water from the Faroe Islands

SKU: 57450005260924
0.5 Liters

Here2Care Water is 100% NATURAL ALKALINE water from an exclusive source in the Faroe Islands. With a pH value of 8.3, the water is basic and therefore alkaline. Alkaline water, as the name suggests, contains only negative hydrogen ions and alkaline metal ions: Calcium (lime), Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. With daily intake of alkaline water, you give your body a boost in the form of an alkaline "ion cocktail", which contributes to maintaining a healthy internal environment in the body.


Alkaline water improves and optimizes the hydration of the cells in your body and thus contributes to eliminating toxins stored in the body. It improves your recovery time after training, is good for your teeth and contributes to better general health.

You will quickly notice a difference and feel healthier  and fresher.


Try alkaline water from Here2Care Water today, feel the difference in your own body & help make a difference to the climate.


    Name: Here2Care Water 0.5 Liter
    Country of origin Faroe Islands
    Durability guaranteed  180 days (before delivery)
    Guidance price per bottle 14.95
    Alcohol percentage 0.00
    Deposit amount per bottle(Included in the price) DKK 1.50
    Product number. 5700002262820

    Composition/Bottle Contents (mg/litre):

    pH 8.3.  Nitrate 0.32. Hardness (total) 4.2 dH. Calcium (Ca) 27. Chloride 52. Flouride 0.07.

    Sulphate 8.0. Hydrogen Carbonate 60.9.

    Sodium (Na) 29. Magnesium (Mg) 1.7.

    Iron (Fe) < 0.01.


    The bottle:

    Height 20.50 cm
    Width 6.20 cm
    Contents 500 ml
    Gross weight 524 g
    The weight of the packaging 24 g
    Package total: 20x0.5 litres

    You have a 14-day right to cancel your purchase in accordance with current legislation. When returning, the total parcel must be intact and in NON broken packaging.


    The exceptionally clean water from the Faroe Islands is delivered directly to your home address with PostNord. Delivery costs DKK 39. per package & takes 1-4 business days. When purchasing more than 4 parcels, delivery is FREE.

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